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Dental Emergencies

Contact an Emergency Dentist in Inglewood

Dental emergencies occur when least expected. If you’re suffering from a dental emergency, remain calm and call our Inglewood emergency dentist for care. We can be reached at (910) 929-9769 and are available to take weekend appointments on Saturdays.

Treatment for Dental Emergencies at EZ Dental

Our dentists make it their goal to relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing during a dental emergency. We provide immediate treatment for slips and falls, loose or knocked-out teeth, and broke dental restorations.

If you find yourself in a dental emergency, you can take the following preliminary steps, based on the source of the problem, before calling our office to be seen by an emergency dentist. 

Tooth Avulsion (Knocked-out Teeth) – When a tooth is cleanly removed from its socket while remaining intact, it can be can be reinserted within one hour since the point of emergency. To improve your chances of reattaching the tooth, do the following:

1. Recover and clean the tooth, handling it by its crown. Touching the root of the tooth can cause damaging to the connecting nerve tissues that could prevent reattachment.

2. Clean the affected area by rinsing thoroughly with warm water. 

3. If able, return the tooth back to its socket. Otherwise, store the tooth in milk or saliva.

Severe Dental Infections - This can occur as a result of severe tooth decay or damage to the tooth that has failed to have been addressed. An abscessed tooth must be treated as soon as possible to limit the damage to surrounding teeth and supporting jaw bone. If you are experiencing dental pain, schedule an appointment right away.

Addressing your abscessed tooth requires eliminating the infected area by way of root canal therapy. EZ dental provides emergency root canal treatment to target the source of infection within the tooth’s root and seal it against further decay. A crown is then placed to protect the tooth and restore its structure.

Cracked, Chipped, or Broken Teeth - A cracked or chipped tooth may not always warrant an emergency visit to the dental office. In some cases, this problem can wait for a scheduled appointment in the following day or two. When a crack is not deep enough, your dental health is generally not at risk. 

However, a severely cracked tooth creates an access point for harmful bacteria. This increases your risk for infection and abscesses. Our dentists can determine if a root canal is necessary for a significant tooth fracture. Repairing the tooth using bonding or a crown restores the structure while protecting the tooth against decay.

Contact our Inglewood, Los Angeles Emergency Dentist!

Schedule a consultation with our team at EZ Dental and find out the best ways for maintaining optimal oral health in case of an emergency. We are open on Saturdays to provide care as quickly as possible. Don’t let an uncomfortable dental problem wait until Monday – contact EZ Dental today for information about your treatment options. 

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